4 Ways To Save Some Money On Heating Costs During Those Cold Colorado Months

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Colorado is a beautiful state full of mountains, streams, and plenty of sunshine during the summer months. But when winter comes rolling around, it can get pretty chilly both inside and out. If you're like most people, making use of a heating system during winter is a must, which can get pretty expensive. Here are four easy things you can do to save some money on your heating costs:

Seal Your Doors and Windows

Leaks in your windows and doors can have a noticeably negative effect on your energy use and heating costs. Not only can sealing your doors and windows save you some money, the process also offers better humidity control and minimizes the amount of pollen and allergens that are able to enter your home. Here's how to create a better seal for your home:

You can also use insulation snakes along the bottoms of your garage and basement doors, as well as under those that lead to the exterior from the inside of your home when they aren't in use.

Plant a Few Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are full of leaves during the summer that naturally cool your home, and they lose their leaves in the winter so the sun can warm things up and reduce your need for a heater. Planting a few of these trees on your property is a great way to reduce both your heating and cooling energy use by up to 25 percent throughout the year.

For optimal protection from the outdoor elements, plant your trees to the west of your home, making sure that they'll be at least ten feet taller than your windows at full maturity. You can also create a windbreak by filling dead space with evergreen shrubs, bushes, and vines. This will reduce property damage due to high winds and rain, as well as minimize the amount of cold air that is able to get into your home.

Put Some Throw Rugs Down

Believe it or not, a few simple throw rugs can reduce your home's overall heating use because they insulate the rooms they're in by trapping cold air underneath them so it doesn't mix with the warm air already in the space. Throw rugs will also make you feel warmer while spending time at home, so you can keep your thermometer at a lower level than you may have been used to in past years. Rugs with high stitch counts made of wool, nylon, cotton, or acrylic are your best bets because they hold up well to lots of foot traffic and they are easy to take care of.

Install and Make Use of Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan that's programmed to move in a clockwise direction during winter months pulls the cold air from the bottom of the room and forces it to mix with the warm air up top, and then pushes that mixed air toward the edges of the room and back into the space again.

This ensures that room temperatures stay consistent so your heating system doesn't have to work so hard, and therefore you can save some money on energy costs on a monthly basis. Install a ceiling fan in the living room, bedrooms, and any other space where you or a loved one spends lots of time in on a regular basis.

In addition to saving money on your heating costs with the help of these tips and tricks, you'll minimize wear and tear on your HVAC system and make your home cozier too. For more information about getting the most out of your furnace, contact a heating contractor.