When to Call an HVAC Technician - 3 Clues That May Signal Furnace Problems

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If your home gets its heating from a residential furnace, you can evenly warm every space in your house relatively quickly. It can be more economically viable to heat your home via a gas furnace than with other methods, especially if you have great insulation. Unfortunately, furnace repair isn't just necessary when a furnace won't turn on. Look for these three signs and schedule a service appointment with a furnace repair technician if you have been having trouble with your home heating system. 

1. You Can't Feel Heat Coming From Your Air Ducts - Normally, when your furnace turns on and begins to heat up, warm air can be felt coming out of the vents within a few minutes. In fact, you might only need to come within a few feet of an air duct in order to feel a drastic change in temperature. If there's a chance that that something is blocking warm air from traveling through your home's air vents and ducts, you have a valid reason to call for furnace repair.

2. No Changes in Interior Temperature When You Adjust Your Thermostat - Although you can't expect to make an adjustment to your thermostat and instantly feel the room get to the desired temperature, it isn't unreasonable to expect the climate to slowly but steadily get warmer. It can also take time for you to feel changes in the temperature of your home if you have a large house or if the starting temperature is especially low. However, it shouldn't take more than an hour or so for your entire home to warm up if you have a functioning furnace. Request furnace repair servicing if your home fails to get adequately warm or seems to take far too long to reach a reasonable interior temperature.

3. Peculiar Smells When the Furnace Is Turned On - If it has been some time since you've turned on your furnace, there may be a smell in the air temporarily, but it should be neither sharp nor long lasting. On the other hand, strong odors that remind you of sulfur or a rotting smell may actually indicate that your furnace's gas lines have been corrupted. If you can smell gas in your home, this is a dangerous sign that requires immediate furnace repair help by a qualified technician. In cases like these, you should keep your furnace turned off and exit your home until all furnace safety issues have been professionally addressed.

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