From The Kitchen Sink To The Bathtub: 3 Faucet And Sink Repairs To End Your Plumbing Headaches

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The areas of your home where you use the plumbing the most include sinks, tubs and showers. With the constant use of these plumbing components, you are bound to need a repair or two at some point. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine what is causing leaks or slow draining of plumbing. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with plumbing problems in these areas of your home:

1. Leaking Lines Beneath the Sink and Resealing Fittings

One of the most common problems with lines beneath sinks is a leaking fitting on the connection to the water service. Modern plumbing installations usually have screw-on fittings with a tape seal. The seal around the threads of fittings can eventually wear, which is what often causes the leaks. Turn of the water service and put new Teflon tape around fittings to stop leaks. This problem may also occur in other places where flexible service lines are used, such as for toilets and home appliances.

2. Headaches Dealing with Leaks Around Baths and Showers

One of the plumbing problems that is more of a headache is having a leak around a tub or a shower. These plumbing pipes are often difficult to access, which makes repairing them more of a challenge. If there is a spot where water is staining drywall, remove a square piece to get a better look at the cause of the problem. You may want to contact a plumbing contractor to repair the problem for you, and patch up the drywall yourself. When replacing the drywall, make a square frame around the opening to leave an access in case you need future repairs.

3. Dealing with Clogged Drains and When to Call in For Professional Help

Clogged drains are another plumbing problem that you may have to deal with in your home. Sometimes, clearing the drain may be as simple as using a plumbing snake or a plunger to get what is blocking the drain loose. If you try a plunger, and then, a snake but the lines are still clogged, contact a professional plumber to help clear whatever is clogging the plumbing lines in your home.

These are a few tips that will help you deal with plumbing problems in these areas of your home. Contact a plumbing contractor if you need help with repairs to plumbing of sinks, tubs or showers in your home. 

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