4 Common Toilet Problems

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Families use the toilets in their homes multiple times a day, but most people don't spend much time thinking about their toilets until their is a problem. Toilet issues can be very annoying, but in most cases, an experienced plumber can solve the problem. Some of the most common toilet problems include:


A clogged toilet is something that no one wants to deal with. A toilet that overflows due to a clog can cause a mess that is a hassle to clean up, and the toilet will be out of commission until the toilet is fixed. A plunger can provide a temporary solution, but a toilet that clogs often needs to be looked at by a plumber. Flushing "flushable" bathroom wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, and other foreign objects can all cause a clog in the curved pipes of a toilet, and a plunger won't necessarily completely remove the clog. However, a plumber can remove the clog with a toilet auger.

Partial Flush

When a toilet doesn't have a strong, full flush, it can be hard to properly dispose of the waste in the toilet bowl. In most cases, a partial flush is causes by a flapper valve that has become waterlogged and no longer stays open as long as it should. Take the lid off the toilet tank and observe the flapper after you flush the toilet. If it opens normally but closes a few seconds later, you need to have a new flapper valve installed to fix the problem.


Toilets have a few different areas with seals, and when these seals fail water can leak from the toilet and collect on the floor. Never ignore the presence of water around a toilet, even if it is a small amount. A plumber will be able to inspect each one of your toilet seals to determine if one or more has failed, thus causing a leak. In most cases, replacing the faulty seal will solve the leaking problem.

Phantom Flushing

If you hear your toilet refilling with water even though no one has used the restroom or flushed the toilet, your toilet may be experiencing "phantom flushes". What is actually happening is that water is slowly leaking from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl. When the water reaches a certain level, you will no longer hear the sound of water refilling. This issue is almost always caused by a bad flapper or flapper seat, which is an easy fix for a plumber.

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