Save Money On Heating And Cooling Costs This Year

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Heating or cooling your home can be one of your biggest and most frustrating expenses.  Sometimes it feels like your money is just going nowhere.  If you're trying to tighten your budget or just be more energy efficient, check out these suggestions on how to save on your heating and cooling bills:

Air Conditioning Control

When the weather is hot, it's tempting to come inside and amp up the A/C, but any heating and cooling contractor would tell you that just a degree or two can punch a hole in your budget.  Most people keep their A/C on all day.  The weather is much cooler at night, so there is no reason for the A/C to run in the same way.  At nighttime, with well-positioned fans and open windows, there's usually no need to have your air conditioning on.  Once winter has ended, we can be tempted to let the summer sun come blaring in, but if you want the temperature in your home to stay cool, keep the shades shut during the day. Also keep a handle on air conditioner repair needs, since inefficiencies will break the bank.

Heating Restraint Tips

Of course, the opposite applies in the winter.  But if you open your curtains to let the sunshine in, be sure to close them at night to trap the heat.  One of the most inexpensive ways to save money on heating in the winter is to insulate the windows; covering your windows in saran wrap is a popular method, but blankets and duct tape can do the trick.  For a more elegant look, you should consider having double paned windows installed.  They're amazingly effective at keeping out cool air and saving energy.  We know that heat rises, so if you're on the top floor of your building, you're already in good shape.  Otherwise, you can turn your ceiling fans on to send hot air back down.  Finally, before winter sets in, be sure to get your furnace cleaned, not only to be allergy conscious but also to ensure that it is functioning at its highest level.

You don't need to walk around in a snow parka to save money on your heating costs or swelter to avoid an exorbitant air conditioning bill.  Use some of these simple tips, get creative, and talk to a heating and cooling contractor.  Not only will you be doing something good for the environment, but you might just be able to take all that money you save on a winter getaway.

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