How To Repair A Commode That Won't Stop Running

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Does your water continue to run after flushing your commode or toilet? Of course, this can be a giant waste of water, not to mention it can be loud and annoying. So, you want to fix a running toilet as soon as possible. Luckily, the fix is usually simple and cost less than $20. This article explains what you need for the job and the best way to get it done.

There are obviously many working, moving parts inside of a toilet. This means that they are bound to wear down and break over time. Of course, the more you use the toilet, the more often you will need to make repairs.

What is Causing the Problem?

The toilets "runs" after you flush it. This is water refilling the tank, in preparation for the next flush. But, if it runs forever, it probably means that the flush valve is not closing and blocking off the hole.

Flush Valve or Flapper Needs to be Replaced

The flush valve has a flapper that will slam close when the float reaches a certain level. This basic lever system is usually very reliable, but it can start to act funny if any part of the system is bent, broken, or just worn down from use. Flush valves are usually sold with a flapper. but you can also buy a separate flapper. Look at both because you will probably only need to replace the flapper since it is the movable part. If the surface is not smooth, it will not create a strong seal against the valve opening. For less that $20 and with a simple screwdriver, you can replace your flapper very easily.

Need a New Float

If you float is not work, or the connecting are that holds it is bent, your flapper will not engage at the right moment. If the float never gets high enough to engage the flapper and close the fill valve, your water will basically run continuously. Replacing the float is simple and will only cost about $10.

Lift Chain is Twisted, Disconnected, Broken

The lift chain that runs between the handle and the flapper can get twisted up, disconnected or even broken. Most often, you will notice that the chain is twisted up, making it shorter and preventing the flapper from closing. Just untwist it and your problem is solved. If you chain is disconnected, simply reattach it and everything should work. If the chain is broken, you will need to buy a new one. Luckily, these are also extremely cheap and easy to change out.

These are three of the most common causes or a running commode. Contact a company, like Henry's Service All, for more help.