Three Reasons Why It Is A Really Good Idea To Brand-Match Your HVAC Systems

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When you call in an HVAC technician for HVAC maintenance and repair, and he or she tells you that you have a furnace brand that is different from your AC's brand, you might be puzzled as to why that would matter. Both systems have worked together just fine, so why should they both be the same brand? If you need to replace either appliance in the future (or now), you should know the reasons why it is a really good idea to brand-match your heating and cooling systems, and why your technician would bring this up:

Some HVAC Companies Specialize in One Brand

Your technician may have brought this up because his/her company specializes in one brand of heating and cooling appliances. For example, Trane produces both heating and cooling products, and the technician's company sells and installs just those brands. If either of your current heating or cooling products is from this company, the technician will encourage you to consider getting a replacement for a more uniform heating and cooling experience.

Yet, that is not the true reason. The true reason is that a furnace and an air conditioner from the same manufacturer helps both systems run more efficiently. Since your technician already knows this, he/she would breach the subject with you about a replacement appliance.

It Is Easier to Get Parts

When you have the same brand of furnace, heat pump, and/or air conditioner, it is often easier to get parts. You know the company is still in business, and that the company probably has older appliance parts as well as new. If you had to replace parts in both your furnace and your air conditioner, and they were different brands, then your technician would have to call two different companies to track down parts. 

Then you have to wait to make repairs or replacements. Since central air conditioners are dependent on the forced air systems of a furnace, nothing could be done until the furnace parts arrive, even if the technician already has the air conditioner parts on hand. However, if you had brand-matched appliances, and they were part of the inventory that your technician's company specializes in, you would have everything fixed right away.

Some Branded HVAC Systems Work Better in Tandem

A heat pump and a central air conditioner from the same manufacturer tend to work better in tandem than a heat pump from one company and an air conditioner from another. Some brands even set up their systems to work just this way. If you have a mismatched pair of heating and cooling appliances, consider switching one out to brand-match to get better heating and cooling results.

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