No Cold Air From A Central Air Conditioner

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Being able to turn a central air conditioner on doesn't mean that it is able to cool down warm air. Several parts must function in order for warm air to turn cool, but sometimes they develop problems that a technician can diagnose. The overall energy efficiency level of a house can also play a role in the effectiveness of an air conditioning system. Doing a thorough inspection of various things that can prevent warm air from cooling down is the best way to get to the bottom of the problem. This article provides an overview of what can cause a central air conditioner to fail at cooling down warm air in a house. 

There Are Air Leaks in Your House

There is the possibility that your air conditioning system is actually able to cool down warm air. The problem might stem from there being an air leakage problem in your house. For example, if there are holes in your exterior walls, air from the system might leak out of the house. An air leakage can also cause warm exterior air to come inside of the house and keep cool air from the system warm. It is important for you to get an air leakage problem repaired as soon as possible if it is interfering with the effectiveness of your central air conditioning system.

A Low Refrigerant Level Is Causing Problems

Refrigerant plays a big role in the efficiency of a central air conditioner. The system needs refrigerant in order to cool air to the fullest extent. Refrigerant has the ability to pull heat out of the air so it won't overpower the coolness that the system creates via the evaporator coil. Basically, the evaporator coil is vital because air passes through it and becomes cold after making contact with the metal. The evaporator coil and refrigerant work together to produce a satisfactory amount of cool air in your house.

The Air Conditioner Is Unable to Work Properly

Sometimes an air conditioner will fail to produce air no matter how many measures are taken to repair the problem. In such a case, it is likely time to invest in a new system altogether. After a central air conditioning system has been around for numerous years, it is normal for it to wear out beyond repair. Even if an old system is able to be repaired, the work needed might be too extensive and costly to make repairing it worth the money. Allow an HVAC technician to inspect the system before making a decision in regards to keeping it or not.

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