4 Maintenance Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Commercial AC And Lower Operation Costs

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Maintaining the HVAC system for your business is an expensive portion of your operating costs. Therefore, the right maintenance and improvements are important to ensure heating and cooling are efficient and your operating costs are as low as possible. The following tips will help you with the right maintenance to keep commercial AC working efficiently and operation costs lower:

1. Automate Commercial Air Conditioning for More Efficiency and Less Wear

One of the improvements that you will want to consider for your commercial AC system is adding automation. To start, this can be a programmable thermostat for the building, which should be set at a comfortable temperature to prevent the system from overworking during hot weather. In addition, the system can be set to turn off automatically at closing and on before opening, so you are not cooling the building when it is not needed.

2. Cleaning and Servicing Commercial AC Units to Keep Them Working Efficiently

Keeping the AC condensing units clean is an important part of maintenance to reduce wear, improve efficiency, and prevent costly repairs. You want to make sure that rooftop units are free of clutter and debris and occasionally have them cleaned to improve the efficiency of the system. You should also clean the air ducts and vents to remove dust particles that make the air unhealthy and cause wear of air conditioner parts.

3. Replacing Outdated AC With a Modern Energy-Efficient Design and Adding Renewable Energy

If your business has an old HVAC system, it is likely that the technology is outdated and inefficient. Consider replacing the old equipment with more efficient systems, such as a commercial AC heat pump, which can provide the building with efficient heating and cooling. In addition, there are options for adding renewable energy with geothermal mechanical designs or solar panel arrays on the roof of your business.

4. Scheduling Routine Service Maintenance and Have Repairs Done in A Timely Manner

The most important thing to do to ensure commercial AC systems are efficient is to schedule routine maintenance. You will want to have the system inspected and serviced a couple of times a year. In addition, make sure that you contact a commercial HVAC service to repair the AC when there is a problem to prevent problems from becoming costlier and energy bills to go up.

These are some maintenance and improvement tips to help keep the costs of operations lower and your AC working efficiently. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact a commercial air conditioning service and talk to them about some of the things that can be done to make your business air conditioning more efficient.