Features Of A Walk-In Freezer

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When looking for a commercial freezer, you will either want a walk-in freezer or a reach-in freezer. No matter which one you want, there are specific features you want to consider to know you have chosen the one that works best for your kitchen needs. If you feel a walk-in freezer is best, learn more about them here.

What to look for in a walk-in freezer

If you feel you are going to do best by having a walk-in freezer installed, then you have a few important features to look for that will make things go efficiently in your kitchen and give you other benefits you will find most important.

There aren't many components to this type of freezer, and this is one of the things that many commercial kitchens like about it. The freezer does a good job of keeping their frozen goods at the right temperature without a lot of separate components to worry about.

Floors – Decide whether or not you are even going to need a floor at all. Many of these freezers come without a floor, and this makes them easier to clean. No flooring also makes the unit last longer if there is a lot of traffic going in and out of the freezer on any given day. If you go floorless, be sure you have the freezer on a concrete pad because it will stand up to wear and tear well. If you choose a model with a floor, you'll need to be sure the floor is durable enough for your needs.

Panels – The panels of the freezer can range in thickness and are made from steel or aluminum, with décor in the surfaces to help give the freezer an aesthetically pleasing look. There is foam between the surfaces of the panels to help keep the inside properly insulated. When choosing your walk-in freezer, make sure you consider the thickness of the panels. Thicker panels with better insulation will cut down on power bills.

Doors – The door will take on the most use, so plenty of thought needs to go into choosing a unit with a high-quality door. It should be a self-closing door to prevent air leakage. A window is an optional feature that can be helpful.


You know you need a walk-in freezer when you need to keep large amounts of food frozen or when some of the things you need to freeze are bigger than what a reach-in would accommodate, such as sides of beef or several-tied cakes. Once you choose the right model freezer, then you can have it installed and begin using it.