Why Plumbers Are Better Than Online Tutorials

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Many people see the internet as an easy and cheap way for them to learn how to take care of their maintenance issues on their own. Whether repairs are needed for your car, your HVAC system, or your plumbing system, you may be thinking of learning how to tend to those repairs by watching online videos.

However, taking care of repairs by way of online tutorials is a bad idea. Here are some of the reasons why plumbing repairs should be done by professional plumbers instead of doing them yourself after learning how online.

The person may not really know what they are doing

When you count on an online video to teach you how to do plumbing repairs, the person doing the video may not be a professional. If they are showing you the wrong way to do something, then you are also going to be doing your repairs wrong. If you are lucky enough for your plumbing to work right after the repairs are done, you won't know that the plumbing is going to continue working for much longer.

The repairs may differ

Even if an online tutorial says that it is for the same type of repair as yours, there may be other issues going on. Therefore, while you are doing the same type of repair that's being shown in the video, the slight differences between the repairs you are doing and the repairs being done in the video can make your situation worse.

You may not be shown everything

When you count on online video tutorials to teach you how to do repairs, there may be steps that have been edited out or even completely left out of the video that will be crucial to the outcome of those repairs. The parts that may have been left out may be so important that not doing those steps may make your plumbing situation a lot worse.


There is a reason why people go through special training in order to obtain their plumber's license. When you call a professional plumber out to fix the things that are wrong with your plumbing, you can rest assured that things are being taken care of in the correct manner. When a residential plumbing service does the repairs, they will be using the right equipment for the job, and they will have the knowledge to ensure the repair job fixing the issue permanently.