Tips For Preparing Your Heating System For Winter

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It is still hot outside, so the last thing you may be thinking about right now is your home's heating system, such as an HVAC, heater, or furnace. However, now is the perfect time to think about preparing your heating system for winter. You do not want to wait until the last minute and find out your heater is not working properly when it becomes cold. Here are three tips that can help you to prepare your heating system for winter. 

Clean the Vents in Your Home

One of the ways that you can prepare your heating system for winter is to clean all of the vents and registers in your home and to take the time to ensure they are open. Cleaning vents and registers is a fairly simply task. Use a microfiber cloth or duster to remove dirt and dust from the exterior of the vent. Use the furniture attachment on your vacuum to suck away any remaining dirt and dust and to reach behind the vents and registers. If dirt or dust remains, dampen a soft cloth to wipe away debris. Cleaning the vents or registers allows hot air to flow into the spac, without being impeded by an abundance of dirt and dust. 

Replace the Filter in Your Heating System

Another step to take to prepare your heating system for winter is to replace the filters in your heating system and the filters in your ventilation system. Dirty air filters can decrease energy efficiency for heating air and can decrease the amount of heat your home gets. Filters should be replaced every one to six months, depending on how frequently you use your heating and cooling system and the type of filters you purchase. Remember to replace filters again during the winter months if needed. 

Have Your Heating Unit Cleaned and Inspected

The last step to preparing your heating system for winter is to have your heating system professionally cleaned and inspected. During an inspection, a professional is checking for cracks in belts and hoses, rust on important parts, and loose nuts or bolts. They will also be checking to ensure parts function properly. As they inspect, they will clean the unit, cleaning the condenser, fans, and heat exchanger. This increases the energy efficiency of the unit and helps to prevent unneeded wear or damage. 

Preparing your heating system for winter not only helps to ensure that your unit functions when it becomes cold, but it also helps to increase the energy efficiency of your heating system and helps to extend the longevity of your heating system. Now is the perfect time to have your heating system inspected, cleaned, and repaired, if needed. Contact a company such as Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc today to ensure your unit is ready to go when the seasons begin to change and cold weather hits.