3 Reasons To Consider A Mini-Split System

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Most of the air conditioning conversation focuses on central air conditioning installation, but there are many homes that still rely on other methods of cooling, such as window units. If you do not already have central air, a mini-split system might be the right choice for your needs and provide benefits over a window unit.

Small Or Older Homes

A mini-split can be the ideal choice for smaller and older homes that can have structural limitations. The ductwork necessary for central air will be a significant investment and not always affordable for some homeowners. With smaller homes, ductwork will take up space to cool the entire home, which means you need to sacrifice space when your living area may be minimal. Unfortunately, older homes are not always capable of handling the extensive renovations necessary for central air. It is common to see older homes with only window units for this reason. A mini-split can offer you much of the power of a central air conditioner with the space-saving features of window units.


When space is a concern, the versatility of a mini-split can be another advantage, especially over window units. There are various models available that can fit the unique configuration of your home. For example, if you are limited in floor space, the unit can be installed on the wall or suspended from their ceiling. When the unit is attached to the ceiling, it can be controlled with a remote so it is convenient to use, and some have WiFi connectivity. Mini-splits are also versatile in their ability to create zoning, similar to central air. If your home is multilevel, you may want more or more powerful units upstairs, since it is harder to cool the upper levels. Modern technology for mini-split systems also makes them more energy-efficient than their predecessors.


When central air is not an option, the safety associated with a mini-split system is far superior than having a window unit. A major concern with window units is they leave your home more vulnerable to intruders, especially on the lower-levels of your home. With the mini-split, you can keep your windows closed and locked. Additionally, there is no need for a large hole in the wall to connect the interior and exterior units. When there is a smaller connection between the inside and outside, there can also be less vulnerabilities for inviting pests into your home. Some pests, especially rodents, can easily exploit holes in the wall when the weather begins to become cooler.

When central air is either not an option or is beyond your budget, a mini-split system should be high on your list. Mini-split systems provide many clear advantages over window units.