Extra Services Your HVAC Contractor May Recommend During AC Installation

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Having a new air conditioner installed is typically pretty straightforward. Your HVAC contractor removes the old unit, puts a new one into place, and connects the ductwork and thermostat. But while this simple approach can and does work most of the time, there are also a few other services that your HVAC contractor might recommend having performed during your AC installation. 

1. Ductwork Modification

If you have been having any trouble with your ducts whatsoever, this is the time to have changes made. Does one of your rooms receive poor airflow? Perhaps there is a collapsed duct your HVAC contractor needs to locate and fix. Maybe your duct bends as it goes into the basement, resulting in a loss of cool air. This would be a good time to have your contractor fix that, too. Making small changes to your ductwork can help ensure your new air conditioner operates efficiently and keeps your home as comfortable as possible.

2. Energy Audit

Many people get a new air conditioner not when their old one dies, but when it loses its efficiency. But if your overall goal is to improve efficiency, you should really have a home energy audit conducted during your installation appointment. During this audit, your HVAC contractor will determine where all of the energy in your home is going. You might be losing some through your doors, windows, or attic, for example. Once you know where your home is losing energy, you can make some additional changes — like sealing the doors or replacing the windows — to make sure all of the cool air churned out by your air conditioner is not wasted.

3. New Thermostat

Even thermostats that are 20 or 30 years old can be used with newer HVAC equipment, but this approach is not advised. Upgrading your thermostat when you have your new AC unit installed will give you so much more functionality! With today's WiFi-enabled models, you can control the temperature remotely. You can turn the temperature down a half hour before you're due to be home, correct the temperature after the kids have messed with it, and so forth — all from your smartphone. It should only take your HVAC contractor a few extra minutes to replace your thermostat along with your AC unit.

Make sure you talk to your HVAC contractor about performing these extra services while they're already on-site to install your new AC. Contact an HVAC company like Extreme Climates for more information about what they can help you with.