3 Problems That Could Come Along With Improper Exterior Condenser Unit Maintenance

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The typical HVAC system with an air conditioner will have two main parts: an interior and an exterior unit. The exterior unit contains a lot of things that make the air conditioner work properly, such as the fan, the compressor, and the cooling fins. Many homeowners neglect this outside unit simply because it is outside and easy to forget. However, cleaning and maintaining this part of your central AC is just as important as any other home maintenance. If you have a unit that has been neglected, you may have a few issues that will require professional help from an air conditioner repair service. 

The fan motor is overheating due to improper airflow. 

Keeping the area around the exterior unit open is important because this is the primary point of airflow through the system. If your exterior unit has something sitting on it for a long period or is covered with grass and debris, the air cannot flow through the system as it normally would. Unfortunately, this can cause the fan motor to overheat and subsequently cause issues due to the undue stress. If your fan motor has failed, you will have to have a technician come to your home and replace it. 

You have no refrigerant because of a leak you have missed. 

The main refrigerant lines of the exterior condenser unit can sometimes leak because of age, and when they do, it is important that you catch the issue early. If you never clean up around the condenser or do your part to properly maintain it, you may never know that you have a refrigerant leak. This chemical compound has a kind of sweet odor to it, so it is easy to notice when there is an issue if you are simply present. If it's out of refrigerant, your AC will run, but it will only produce warm air. If you're having this issue, a technician will have to repair the leak and add new refrigerant.

The cooling fins are damaged due to debris. 

Most air conditioning service professionals will tell you that you need to keep grass and other growth trimmed away from the exterior unit by several feet. There is a really good reason for this beyond just allowing proper airflow. If grass, weeds, and vines are allowed to grow into the unit, it can cause damage to the cooling fins, which are the thin metal fins that surround the outside of the main housing. If you are just checking on your unit after a period of neglect and notice these fins are misshapen and damaged, it is important that you get immediate assistance.  

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