The Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide

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Today, modern electric water heaters are highly efficient, but they are prone to some unique problems that could cause your home to not have hot water. Therefore, you want to be able to troubleshoot these problems and get repairs done quickly.

The following troubleshooting guide will help you find and repair problems to get the hot water flowing in your home again.

1. Check your breakers, reset button, and the power switch

One of the first things that you will want to do with an electric water heater is to check the power. Sometimes, the problem may be something as simple as a tripped breaker or the power switch to the water heater being turned off. Modern electric water heaters also have reset buttons that can be tripped when there is a power surge. If you press the reset button and it is tripped frequently, you will want to have a repair technician inspect your water heater for problems.

2. Look for leaks and trip the safety switch

There are a lot of leaks that can cause issues with your electric water heater, which you will want to look for when troubleshooting your water heater. If there are leaks, this can cause shorts and damage the electronics of your water heater. When there are leaks, you will want to have them repaired by a professional repair service.

3. Check the thermostat settings

It is also important to check the settings of the thermostat, which need to be set to a safe setting below boiling to reduce hazards. Sometimes, these settings can accidentally be changed, and the water heater may not heat the water in the tank. Try adjusting the settings, and if this does not work, you will want to contact a repair service for help with repairs.

4. Look for signs of corrosion and damaged parts

You will also want to flush the tank as part of routine maintenance and to troubleshoot problems. When you flush the tank of the water heater and there is discoloration, this is a sign of corrosion. It can also mean that parts inside of the tank are damaged, and will probably need to be replaced by a repair technician to fix the problem.

These electric water heater troubleshooting steps will help you identify the problems causing your home to not have hot water. If you need help with repairs to get the hot water flowing in your home again quickly, contact a water heater repair service and talk to them about the problems you are having.