How A New AC System Can Save Money

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Although a new air conditioner will require an initial investment, in the long run it may save you a lot of money over keeping your old system in place. The following are just a few of the ways a new AC system can put more cash in your pocket.

Higher-Efficiency Options

Modern air conditioning units are made to more stringent efficiency standards compared to older units. Further, technology has also improved since your last unit was installed, which means that an older high-efficiency unit may still use more energy than a newer mid-range efficiency model. Depending on the age of the old unit, it may have also lost efficiency over the years due to normal wear and tear. An HVAC service can help you decide if it makes financial sense to upgrade your older unit even if it still seems to be working well.

Frequent Costly Repairs

If your old unit is constantly needing repairs, then there is little question that a new unit will start to save you money. All AC units benefit from annual service, which should include things like cleaning, belt replacement, and the occasional replacement of a worn part. If major parts of the AC are breaking down, like the compressor or blower fan assembly, and they seem to break down repeatedly, aging has made the unit cost more than it is worth to repair. A new unit may require an initial investment, but you won't have cash trickling out of your wallet towards repairs anymore.

Reduced Cooling Capacity

Over time a unit may quit working as well as it used to, which is often most noticeable as a reduced cooling capacity. If your unit seems to run longer and longer to cool your house, then that is a lot of energy being expended. It's even more likely that you need a new unit if the AC seems to be on constantly but your home never seems to be as cool as you like it. Poor cooling may also mean the AC is about to suffer an expensive breakdown.

Renovation Impacts

A home doesn't always stay the same. If you have added onto your home or even renovated in a way that lead to installing or removing walls, then your home has new capacity needs or airflow pattern needs. Your old unit simply wasn't sized to the new configuration. A newer, larger unit may be necessary so you don't spend too much on your cooling bills.

Comparison Shopping

Contact an HVAC system installation service to learn more about your options in a new home AC.