Heating Repairs To Do Before Turning Your Heating On When The Mercury Drops

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The heating in your home is going to need to be turned on soon, and you may need to fix issues with your furnace and other heating components. The HVAC maintenance that needs to be done is going to include some repairs to your heating due to problems that have been neglected. The following heating repairs are the things you want to have fixed before the mercury drops this winter:

Air handler and ductwork damage

The air handler is an area of your heating system that is going to need repairs before the weather begins to change. The furnace air handler is connected to your ductwork, which also needs to be inspected for damage and repaired before you start using your heating this winter.

Problems with worn blowers and airflow

The blower fan is another area of your heating system that may have problems that need to be repaired. The problems with blowers may reduce airflow or cause the system to not blow warm air through the vents. Signs of problems with your furnace blower include:

These are signs of a problem with the blower of your furnace that is going to need to be fixed.

Furnace heating element and pilot light issues

The furnace of your heating system also has a heating element and pilot light that can cause issues that need to be fixed before winter. This means it is time to check the furnace by testing to see if it turns on. Turn the thermostat up enough for the heating to turn on. When the heating turns on, go and check to make sure the pilot light is working and that the heating element has a blue or white flame. If the flame is orange or yellowish, this is a sign of a problem that needs to be fixed.

Thermostat repairs and upgrades before cold weather

The thermostat is another area of your heating system that may need repairs before the winter months. Often, repairing an old and outdated thermostat can be a waste of money, and replacing it is a more practical solution. When you are replacing your thermostat while doing heating repairs, consider options for programmable and smart thermostats to update your home with more energy-efficient technology.

These are heating repairs that need to be done this winter before you turn the heating on when temperatures drop. Call a residential heating repair service like Central York Corp for help fixing problems before your house gets too cold.