Signs You Need New Range Parts For Your Restaurant's Commercial Range

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When you have a commercial range for your restaurant, keeping the unit in working condition is essential. If your range isn't cooking foods properly, your restaurant's reputation is potentially at stake, and you want to ensure that everything in your restaurant is working as it should. For the safety of your restaurant's employees and the kitchen in general, you should ensure the range is working well by knowing when to have the range parts replaced with new ones.

Always have a professional HVAC technician install any parts on your commercial range. This helps keep your commercial range's warranty in check, allows for the installation of new range parts to be done successfully, and ensures that everyone stays safe during the process. Your HVAC professional should be able to perform duties on most of your industrial restaurant appliances and install new industrial restaurant parts as needed. Here are signs you need new range parts for your restaurant's commercial range.

Food isn't heating evenly

New parts might be needed if your food isn't heating evenly on your stove. It might be that one range isn't working, or that the range is working, but not evenly all the way around. Even heat distribution is key to having food prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible, so if any of your range isn't working right or kicks on and off randomly, ask your HVAC contractor if your range needs new parts as part of the repair.

Range parts are missing or breaking

A loose, broken, or missing range part is cause for concern. Since your industrial restaurant kitchen gets lots of use, it's no surprise that you'll have a need for new parts here and there. It's best to replace them as soon as they start to show signs of wear or fall off, and you can do this by having your HVAC specialist come to your establishment and replace them. Ask them to leave a few extra parts as well, so you can have them ready when your range needs service again.

You should never attempt to repair or replace any parts on your restaurant's commercial range on your own. Doing so can lead to accidental injury, or put the range at risk of further damage. If you smell gas or have any issues with heat control, turn off the commercial range immediately and call your HVAC installation professional for assistance right away. All range parts should come with a warranty for your peace of mind.