Basement Clogged Drain Problems That Cause Severe Damage

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There are issues with clogged drains that can happen anywhere in your home. When they happen in the basement, it can lead to serious issues with damage to your home. Therefore, you want to know how to deal with the issues with clogged drains in your basement. The following information will help you deal with these issues:

1. Issues with Failing Foundation Drainage Systems

Often, the first problem with the plumbing in a basement is due to the foundation drainage lines. This is due to the drainage systems and plumbing being connected. When the foundation drainage system backs up or becomes blocked, it can cause problems with the sump pump and the plumbing inside your home. Therefore,e you want to have these systems checked regularly and clean them when you are doing other maintenance due to clogged pipes in your home.

2. Blocked Sump Pumps and Maintenance

In basements, the plumbing often needs to use a sump pump to remove the wastewaters out of your home. These pumps need to be maintained to ensure they are working properly. When they fail, it can cause issues with clogged plumbing in the basement. Therefore, you may need to have the sump pump checked if there is an issue with blocked pipes in your basement.

3. Issues with Clogged Plumbing Drain Lines

There are several areas where you may have problems with clogged lines in your basement. This can be difficult to deal with because the pipes may be installed beneath the concrete slab. This can make it hard to get to the blockage and clean the lines. You may need professional help dealing with these issues to prevent them from causing worse problems with your basement plumbing systems.

4. Failing Backflow Prevention Devices

The basement is one of those areas where failing backflow prevention devices can cause serious problems. These issues can lead to sewage getting into the basement and causing damage. Therefore, you will want to have these devices replaced if they fail and you are having trouble with your plumbing systems. In addition, you may want to occasionally have the backflow prevention devices in the basement tested to ensure they are working.

The clogged drains in the basement of your home can cause water damage and other serious problems. If you have a problem with basement plumbing, contact a local drain cleaning service for help before the situation gets worse.