Considerations For A Gas Boiler Heating Installation

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Is it time for you to upgrade your heating system? If so, it is worth your time to learn about the various types of heating systems. Boiler systems are a type of heating solution that homeowners should explore. These systems are not forced air heating systems. Therefore, they do not depend on air ducts to circulate warm air. There are a number of reasons to consider a gas boiler for your new heating installation. The following points highlight a few key benefits of choosing a boiler as the heating source for a home.


Do not make the mistake of thinking that installing a boiler means that you will have to compromise space for a bulky heating appliance. Today's gas boilers are sleek in appearance, most of them are considerably smaller than furnaces. This means that you will likely save storage space if you choose a gas boiler for your heating installation instead of a furnace. Depending on the model you choose, you might also have flexibility when it comes to where you want the boiler installed. Some units are designed for floor or wall mounting. 

Less Maintenance

The processes involved in heat production by a boiler differ greatly from furnaces and other forced heating systems. In other heating systems, several mechanical parts must be intact to provide heat. These moving parts equate to pressure on the heat sources, which is why maintenance is mandatory. Boilers produce heat with minimal moving parts. This equates to less strain on the appliance and also means that there are not multiple parts to be concerned about overworking and malfunctioning. Boilers have one critical moving part, which is referred to as the circulator pump. As its name suggests, this pump circulates hot water in the hydronic heating system.

Impressive Lifespan

Boilers will outlast most furnaces. Some boilers can last for decades with the appropriate care. The maintenance of boilers is not as intense or frequent as traditional heating systems. However, maintenance is required at certain stages of ownership. An HVAC contractor can advise the appropriate maintenance schedule and educate you regarding repair signs. One key reason behind their long lifespan is that there are not a lot of moving parts involved in the heat process to get damaged and worn down over time.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Forced air systems utilize air ducts to circulate hot and cool air in homes. The issue with air ducts is that they can trap dust and other allergens and circulate them throughout a home. The air is cleaner with a gas boiler heating system because heat is not circulated through air ducts.