Air Conditioning Services That Will Save You Money

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Air conditioning is a service that many people take for granted. However, without it in the summer, your home or office will quickly become unbearable. These five air conditioning service tips will ensure your wallet doesn't suffer as much as the summer heat.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat device is by far the best air conditioning service you can get. These devices allow you to set your home or office's temperature based on a certain time, day, and date schedule.

It will lower the temperature when nobody is around. It will also raise the temperature when someone is there, and it's more likely to be used. This will save you money on the air conditioning. That's because it'll turn off or lower the AC when nobody needs it and still keep your home cool without using too much electricity.

Clean Your AC Coils Regularly

Cleaning your AC coils is another great way to save money on air conditioning. Always clean your AC coils a few times a year, or hire an HVAC professional if you need help cleaning them. Suppose there's dirt or debris build-up in the coil, they'll slow down airflow, which causes more power usage. Cleaning the coils will help them last longer, saving you money in replacement costs.

Replace Air Filters in Window Units Regularly

The air filters in window units are also important to keep clean. You need to replace them more often — this will depend on the number of people living there and how often they turn it on. You can tell when it's time to replace your filter because you'll notice increased heat or low airflow coming from the vents while it's running.

This air conditioning service will save you money because your air conditioner won't have to work as hard when the filter is clean, which means it'll use less energy, therefore costing less.

Get an Annual Inspection and Tune-Up 

If you have an air conditioner, it's essential to get an annual inspection and tune-up from the HVAC company. They'll identify any potential problems for your unit that can cause high energy bills or costly repairs down the road. 

Buy an AC of the Appropriate Size

This air conditioning service tip will ensure your unit is the right size for your needs. It'll make sure you don't have a huge electricity bill, and it will also help keep your energy consumption down.