Want To Install A New Furnace? Here Are Important Considerations To Keep In Mind

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A furnace plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable indoor environment during the cold season. But, if you're installing a furnace for the first time or replacing your old unit, your installation must go as smoothly as possible. This means that you should work with a commercial heating installation technician. The last thing you want is to incur additional costs to rectify installation errors. This guide highlights key things to consider before the installation begins.

Look for the Right Furnace Size

Selecting the right-sized heating unit is crucial in ensuring that your commercial building is effectively heated. The problem with an incorrectly sized furnace is that it may not effectively heat your commercial space. Additionally, you're likely to experience increased energy bills since it works excessively hard to reach the set temperatures. When selecting a furnace size that matches your commercial heating requirements, many things come into play. They include the size of your commercial space and your area's climate. If unsure about the size factor, speak to your heating installation and repair expert for advice. 

Think About an Upgrade

If your current furnace is inefficient, carefully evaluate whether or not it's worth replacing. If you have to keep up with constant repairs and a steady rise in your energy costs, installing a new furnace is a cost-effective decision. Furthermore, you'll need to prepare for the installation of a new system if the current one is nearing its end of useful life.

Ensure Proper Inspection of the Air Ducts

A new furnace should enable you to attain a comfortable indoor environment. However, to obtain optimal capacity, the system shouldn't have areas where air leaks. Therefore, ensure that your heating technician inspects the existing ducts around your business premises during the installation. If there's damage, they need to seal it off. They may also need to clear the ductwork of any dirt or debris so as to improve the air quality in your commercial space.

Go for a Furnace With Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Most furnaces in the market are energy efficient. One way to know whether the furnace you wish to install is energy efficient is by checking for its annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. This rating measures your furnace efficiency as it converts fuel to energy. When you have a high AFUE, then it means that your furnace is highly energy efficient.

It's crucial to understand your needs when installing a furnace. The best way to achieve a great outcome out of the project is by working with a commercial heating installation expert. 

For more information on commercial heating installation, contact an HVAC service in your area.