3 Reasons Your Rental Unit Needs An HVAC Service Contract

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Maintaining the HVAC system in rental units is critical to avoid tenant complaints, keep costs manageable, and, in some areas, remain compliant with local or state laws. A poorly maintained HVAC system can fail at the least opportune moments, leaving your tenants without a working HVAC system on a dangerously cold winter night or a scorching hot summer day.

Service contracts are one option to ensure the HVAC systems in your rental units stay in tip-top shape. These contracts are especially critical for air conditioning systems that sometimes require more maintenance and upkeep than furnaces. If you don't currently have a service contract for your rentals, here are three reasons you should consider signing one.

1. Guaranteed Service

It's easy to forget when one of your air conditioning systems needs maintenance, especially if you own multiple rental units. Most service contracts include a guaranteed number of routine service visits per year, and companies that offer service contractors will typically include a reminder service. These reminders can ensure that your rental units receive their scheduled service visits on time.

While missing a routine service by a few weeks or months might not be a big deal, repeatedly missing service visits can lead to more expensive repairs or premature air conditioning system failures. By taking advantage of a service contract's regularly scheduled visits and reminders, you can ensure that you'll get the most value out of the air conditioning systems in your rental units.

2. Quicker Response Times

Many service contracts include perks such as quicker response times for emergency visits or priority scheduling. These benefits can be especially helpful for landlords. When you have a tenant who doesn't have a working air conditioner in their unit, you want to get them help as quickly as possible while avoiding further complaints.

Priority response times ensure that you won't need to wait longer than necessary for a technician to arrive on-site and get your tenant's air conditioner running again.

3. An Ongoing Relationship

When you sign a service contract with an HVAC contractor as a landlord, you're entering an ongoing business relationship. This relationship can make it easier to work with your contractor in the future, whether you're dealing with routine maintenance work or emergency repairs. Establishing a relationship with your HVAC contractor may be particularly helpful if you're typically not on-site for visits.

While service contracts are valuable for anyone who needs to maintain an air conditioning system, they offer many unique benefits for rental unit owners. If you own one or more rental units, signing a service contract with your HVAC contractor may be an excellent way to keep your costs down and your tenants happy.

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