Know When Your Heater Should Be Repaired

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Routine heater maintenance can help your heater run longer before it needs to have repairs done. However, things like regular wear and tear and age will eventually catch up to it. You should know the signs of heater issues, so you're better prepared to deal with them when they happen. Here are some telltale signs of heater issues that you want to keep an eye out for: 

Problems with the heat distribution - If you're having trouble with the heating in the home being uneven, with some rooms getting warmer than others, then you should call for a possible heater repair. When a heater is running correctly, you shouldn't experience any changes in the way it heats the home. When there are changes, then it is likely caused by a problem with the heater or the ducts. 

Sounds coming from the heater - It's never a good thing to start hearing sounds coming from the heater. Banging sounds can indicate there may be minor explosions due to an ignition delay and a build-up of gas in the combustion chamber. Shrieking noises can indicate there may be a damaged belt or another issue in the motor. Rattling can mean there is something loose in the motor that's vibrating and causing the noise. If you hear a scraping sound, then this can mean that there are bearings that are worn out. Any noise you hear should be considered a cause for concern, and you should call for a repair technician to come out. 

Worse air quality - If you are starting to notice that the air quality is worse in your house, then this can also indicate that there is a problem with the heater. There may be more dust, dirt, pollen, and other pollutants in the air that can cause members of the household to start experiencing allergy or asthma flare-ups. If you suddenly note the air quality has become worse after starting to use your heater, then you should call someone out to take care of any repairs that are needed. 


There are other signs that can indicate a problem with your heater. You should always be watchful around your house, so you can catch any issues with any area of the home quickly—and the heater is no different. The sooner you get someone out to look at the heater when it's acting up, the better the chances will be that you will only have to pay for a small repair.

For more information, contact a heater repair contractor in your area.