Why Do AC Fans Malfunction? Here Are Some Common Reasons

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If you rely on an air conditioning unit to keep the residence cool when it gets hot outside, you have to understand how the unit works. You should know that an AC unit has many components that must work harmoniously to maintain indoor temperatures. More importantly, one component you must check on is the AC fan. In addition, if your unit has an indoor and outdoor component, you may have two fans. One fan will blow the cool air into the house while the other will pull the warm air away. Note that both fans have to work in harmony to regulate temperatures. So, if either of the fans doesn't function, the system won't manage to keep the home comfortable. Here are some reasons an AC fan may stop working.

Disabled Motor Control

Every AC unit comes with a motor control found in the condenser. This is a magnetized switch that goes on or off once it gets signals from the thermostat. Hence, since this switch relies on the efficiency of the magnet to operate, it won't work if the magnet system malfunctions. This failure often occurs due to wear and tear, which in turn affects the fans. In addition, the air conditioner won't go on either. 

Damaged Fan Blade

The AC fans can only blow air if the blades are in good condition. However, if the blades crack, break or become loose, it will be impossible for the fans to operate. Moreover, you may hear unusual noises once your AC starts running. To troubleshoot this issue, turn off the unit via the thermostat and inspect the fan blades. If you discover they are damaged, avoid operating the unit and call an AC repair expert to fix the problem.

Worn AC Contactor

The cooling system relies on a contactor to regulate the functionality of the fan motor and compressor. But due to constant use, the contactor will wear out, preventing the outdoor fan from functioning. So, if you think this is the reason your fans aren't working, you should get a technician to inspect the unit. In this case, they will confirm the contractor is malfunctioning and replace it.

Lack of Power

Sometimes, AC fans fail to function when the unit isn't powered on. You should know that, in this case, some components could be overheating, causing a circuit breaker to cut the power supply. If you think there's a power problem, start by locating the circuit breaker and check if it has tripped. If so, turn on the switch to restore the power supply. If this doesn't work, or you hear an unusual noise, switch it off and call an HVAC pro.

While there are many reasons why fans may malfunction, you should remember to consult an AC repair technician. They will guide you accordingly and even handle the repairs to avoid further damage to your unit.