Do You Have A Malfunctioning AC? 3 Possible Causes

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Few people think about the efficiency of their AC unit unless it malfunctions. That said, there’s little that’s more annoying and inconvenient than a unit that blows warm air in the middle of the hot months. Further, if your AC has malfunctioned, you have probably tried several hacks to restore its function and efficiency. Here are some top reasons why your unit is breaking down.

Blockages in Airflow

If your air conditioner breaks down during the hot seasons, it could be because of blockages. For example, if you go a long time without checking your unit, dirt and debris will accumulate in your air ducts and prevent your unit from blowing sufficient air. Further, the scenario will worsen if you haven't changed or cleaned your air filter for a few seasons. In such a case, your unit will only cool some parts or even malfunction from overheating due to limited airflow. In addition, you might experience a leaking unit due to frozen coils as a result of a dirty filter.

Dirty Outdoor Unit Components

The outdoor condenser coils absorb the surplus heat from your home, and the fan vents the air outside. Further, the fans force the heated air to the condenser via copper tubing. Given this, the copper tubing should be dusted off regularly, and the fins kept straight. However, if the fins are bent and the coil is dirty, the system's cooling capacity drops, and the fan blows warm air. Remember, the condenser coil and fan motor determine your air conditioner's performance on extremely hot days. So, make sure they are checked and serviced annually. Furthermore, keeping the condenser unit clean makes it easier for the refrigerant to do its job of cooling the home and thus increases the efficiency of the heat exchange process.

Power Supply Issues

The capacitor stores energy and releases it to start and run the compressor when needed. That said, excessive heat or electrical surges can damage your air conditioner's capacitor. In most cases, such power supply issues result from the scorching heat and frequent intense thunderstorms. So, if you experience this problem, a 24/7 emergency AC repair technician can inspect your unit and replace a capacitor to restore proper function.

When your home's air conditioner suddenly stops producing cool air, these are the possible culprits. So, have your unit checked by an AC expert who can advise you on what repairs are necessary to get things back to normal.