Air Conditioning Repairs You Might Need When Your AC Won't Start

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If your air conditioner isn't working at all, the problem might be a safety switch, power problem, or thermostat issue. Any of these malfunctions can cause your AC to shut down and not come back on. The air conditioning repair technician may test various parts to find the problem. Also, the first thing you may want to check before you call an air conditioning repair service is the electrical panel. If the breaker has flipped off, flip it back on to see if the AC will start up again.

In addition, check the filter too. A filter that's clogged up might shut your AC down due to overheating issues with the blower. By changing the filter, your AC can get plenty of airflow so it might start back up again. When your AC isn't turning on at all, your home gets hot fast, especially if it's closed up. You might even need emergency services so your house can get cooled down again. Here are some air conditioning repairs that could be needed.

Replace A Blown Fuse

Your air conditioner has fuses between the condenser and the electrical panel. They're in the disconnect box which should be near the condenser. These fuses are placed close by so you can reach up and pull the fuses out to kill the power to the condenser when doing repairs or cleaning the AC.

The repair technician can test the disconnect box to make sure power is coming in from the electrical panel and that power is leaving to go to the AC. If power isn't leaving, the fuses may need to be replaced. This is a quick and easy air conditioning repair.

Unblock The Condensation Drain

The condensation drainage system has a safety switch that can shut your AC down. This happens thanks to a float switch in the drain pan. If water gets too high in the pan, it might pour over the sides and get the floor wet. If the pan has a float switch, the switch will rise with the water and shut the AC down before the water spills out.

The water can rise in the pan when it won't drain properly due to a clogged drain. The air conditioning repair technician can clean the clog out of the drain so the water level drops. The repair technician may also need to reset your equipment to get it cooling again.

The Thermostat Is Broken

If you have an old thermostat, it may have died. Try replacing the batteries if your thermostat uses them. Also, the repair technician can look inside the thermostat for dust and loose wires. If there is nothing that can be fixed, the air conditioning repair technician can install a new thermostat for you so your AC works properly again.  

For more info about air conditioning repair, contact a local company.